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Websites for Home Use

Wonders (language arts program) Access at Home

  • In Chrome, sign in to your student’s account – Kaiser students all know their usernames and passwords. Parents, be sure you are logged out of your own Gmail or Google account! The student’s “email address” for login purposes is their six digit NMUSD ID number (e.g.,
  • Select the bookmark at the top left of the page. It reads bookmarks.
  • Select the NMUSD G-Suite for Education.
  • Scroll to McGraw-Hill Education and select. This will sign you in to your student’s account.
  • Once in your student’s account, you and your child can access the week’s materials and any tests your student may have taken online.

Illustrative Math:  Illustrative Math Family Support

Illustrative Math Lessons:  Alta Sierra Middle School District Illustrative Math lessons done on YouTube.

Bridges:  Bridges Family Support

Reflex Math:  Each teacher has their own log-in and the student uses their student password.

Common Core State Standards

Parent Technology Resources

Typing Club:  Use six-digit student ID and password.

Grammar Checker:  Enter the text that you want to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Lexia:  Use same username and password as they do at school.

State Test Training Test Site:  On the "Please Sign In" page, click on "Sign In." NO ID number or other information is necessary. On the "Is This You?" page, choose the grade level and select "yes." On the "Your Tests" page, you will see 3 options for math and another 3 for language arts: Training Test, Practice Test, and Performance Task (see descriptions of these below). Choose the one you'd like to try, and off you go!