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Principal's Message

Welcome to Kaiser!

On August 24th, we inaugurated our first distance-learning start to a school year! I feel compelled to thank the incredible efforts of the Kaiser team that prepared bundles of books and bags of materials to make the opening of the school year as smooth as possible. Thank you also to our families who are always so responsive! Because of this true team effort, we had only two unclaimed sets of materials after our first day of school. Given that we are our district’s largest elementary school, I’d say that’s a victory! 

When the school year begins, I can’t help but think of the possibilities that await us! We have 38 weeks that translate into 180 days of opportunities to learn and grow. Especially during distance learning, we want to take advantage of every moment with our teachers. We also want to continue to develop our technology skills while getting outside (safely) as frequently as possible. 

As I write this message, Orange County is coming off the state watchlist. If our county continues in this positive direction, our schools will become eligible for reopening. As a district, we are preparing for this with great hope that we can get students back onto campus as quickly and safely as possible. You can anticipate hearing from our District officials as well as from me as plans unfold. 

In the meantime, THANK YOU for being such powerful partners in supporting the learning of your students. Our teachers are working incredibly hard to create experiences that are smooth and easily accessible for students. If you need any help with your student, please contact us right away - remember, we are in this together! 

We at Kaiser have declared 2020-2021 to be the year of silver linings! Thank YOU for being some of them! 

Elbow bumps and welcome to Kaiser!

Deborah Martinez Granger, Ed.D.