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Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Codes





All other classroom codes are listed on the Carolyn Hanson SchoolLoop page.


Modern Band is now 

offered to all 

Kaiser Elementary Students!

Little Kids Rock!!!!!

Fall 2019 Ensemble Sign-up Form

Kaiser Elementary Ensemble Opportunities for 2019

Choir and Orchestra are additional music opportunities at Kaiser Elementary

In grades 3-6, your child finally has the opportunity to do what so many successful students have done before them, be a part of the Kaiser music groups! Every destination starts with a decision to embark on a journey.  Now is the time to start and continue your child in music classes.  

All after school classes start at 2:55 PM and ends at 3:45 PM.

Monday         2:55-3:45 PM                   Choir

Tuesday        2:55-3:45 PM                   Orchestra 

Thursday      2:55-3:45 PM                   Advanced Orchestra

Friday           1:45-2:45 PM                    Orchestra

Friday           2:55-3:45 PM                    Choir

Choir and Orchestra Sign-up

All Classes Begin September 26 and 27

  • All Choir and Orchestra Music Classes start the first week in October 2019
  • First Orchestra class is September 26
  • First Choir class is September 27

There are many extra events scheduled throughout the year.  They will be posted on my google classroom sites.  

Music and forms for individual events will always be posted on my google classroom sites.