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Sherrilynne Dangl

Welcome to 3rd Grade at Kaiser!

Hi! I am Mrs. Dangl and I am excited to be teaching your child this upcoming school year.  I have been teaching at Kaiser since 1993 and I love 3rd grade.  You and your child are in for a fun year full of learning, growing, friendships, memories, and adventures.  Learning should be fun and with third grade we have cursive and multiplication to learn.  Science is every other week where they do hands on experiments.  We also go to music every week where we learn how to play the recorder. I have a piano in my room and we will be singing a lot in class as we wake up our brain and learn songs that help us remember our curriculum, math concepts, grammar rules, multiplication times tables, etc.  We will be writing stories, writing in our weekend news journal, reading lots of fun stories, and exercising for PE and running the track with Running Club. We love to do fun art projects plus we will have field trips to go on throughout the year.  We love parent helpers and they are essential in making our learning stations take place.  Please go online to the Parent Volunteer Website and on the left look for Parent Volunteer Info.  Sign up and then go to your Dr. or the Best Center to have them sign you off that you are clear of TB (the test isn't required anymore) and you are good for another 4 years.  We need you! 

Thanks - Mrs. Dangl

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