PJ Day at Kaiser by Clayton Walburger, School Historian

People stare as kids go marching down the street in... their PJs!  It was PJ Day on December 19th for Kaiser.  Kids young and old got into the spirit of the season.

PJ Day has been around a long time.  Every year, Student Council votes for old favorites and great new ideas for Wacky Wednesday for Kasier’s monthly Wednesdays. 

Teachers get involved in PJ Day. Dr.Granger, our principal, wore sock monkey PJs that the other teachers gave to her.  Another teacher, Ms. Lamb, wore lamb PJs!

In Mrs. Dangl’s class, they had a read-a-thon just for PJ Day. They brought  their pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.  They also ate popcorn.  Anna Walburger, in Mrs. Dangl’s class said, “It was fun, and I liked how we didn’t have to wear shoes, and we read for a long time without stopping.’’ 

 PJ day is a favorite of Kaiser students and let's hope it will be around for years to come.