Kaiser Elementary School is the home of the Kaiser Knights – noble in thought, word, and deed. Our mission is to build a “community of life-long learners.” In addition to our dedicated staff and bright students, Kaiser also is surrounded by a community of families that care deeply about the academic and life success of our students.

You will find that our expectations are high and that they are matched by our support in achieving them. It is our intention that when Kaiser students move up to intermediate and high school, they will be powerful thinkers with a strong knowledge base, skill set, sense of creativity, and commitment to community. In other words, Kaiser Knights are 21stcentury global citizens.


After the Conference...focusing on reading


Wahoo!  Conference Week was a tremendous success! We had nearly 100% attendance - thank you for your support of your students! I'm about to “preach to the choir” here with information that MANY of you already know and use.


The conclusion of the first trimester is a significant milestone for all of us - students, parents, and staff. We all have a sense of how our Kaiser Knights are performing academically, behaviorally, and socially. One of Kaiser’s many special qualities is the partnership between parents and the school. Every single day parents ask how they might help their youngsters develop the essential skills necessary now and in the future. Folks say, “Just tell us what to do and we will do it.”


We hope that you walked away from your conference with goals in mind and thoughts of how you might support your learner by accessing online resources and/or providing side-by-side support and encouragement to support reading. Here are a few examples of what that support might look like:


  1. Regularly providing opportunities for your student to access Lexia online to practice reading skills - every student has an account!

  2. Enforcing a routine of 30 minutes daily of reading time. Your student may read aloud to you. You may read a bit and ask your child to read a bit. If your child is in the process of building endurance with reading,  you can take a “bits and pieces” approach. S/he can use a timer and read for a set amount of time. When the time is up, s/he can take a break for the amount of time that s/he read (e.g., read for 10 minutes, get a 10 minute break using the timer and doing something enjoyable). Over time, the reading time increases. Ultimately, your student is reading for half an hour without needing a break!

  3. Showing interest and supporting comprehension by asking questions before and after your child reads Below are some question ideas that you can modify depending on the book:

  • How much of your book/how many pages do you plan to read today?

  • (If the book is new) What do you already know about this book?

  • (If your student is already part way through the book) Tell me a little about this book so far.

  • How many pages did you read?

  • What's your favorite thing about this book / what you read so far?

  • What do you think is coming next?

  • What are some words you don't think you know? - you can then help your child by rereading the passage where the tricky word is. If you feel you can help your child with the word, jump in. If you're not sure, please have your child write the word and the page number where the word is. Then, your child can ask his/her teacher the following day.

  • (If applicable) How does the book compare with the movie? Which did you like more? - why?


When you show interest in reading, it increases your student’s motivation. When you praise your child for his/her hard work and effort, you are validating the hard work taking place. When your child sees you reading and when you actively encourage reading, you have a recipe for success!


Kaiser families are FANTASTIC! We are incredibly grateful for the way we get to walk side-by-side with you in preparing your precious babies for the big world!


Happiest of Thanksgivings!


Kaiser School News

Alkaline Battery Recycling Program Fundraiser
Kaiser Elementary School is participating in the Costa Mesa Sanitary District's Alkaline Battery Recycling Program Fundraiser.  This is the second year that Kaiser Elementary School has participated.  Costa Mesa public and priva... Continue

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GATE Testing

October is the month to begin the process for GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) testing for 3rd – 6th grade students. Teachers are looking at the students’ behaviors and working to determine if they are able to see evidence of gifted characteristics with any of the students in their classroom. For a list of these GATE characteristics, please go the http://web.nmusd.us and then click on Programs and scroll to GATE.

 ALL 3rd graders are eligible for GATE testing if the parents give permission.  For a 4th – 6th grader to qualify for testing, the student must first be recommended by their teacher or their parent. See your child’s teacher about requesting testing.  Keep in mind however, that to proceed with testing, the student must meet the following guidelines:

  • If tested prior to this year in NMUSD, they must have a score that is at least in the 80%     

  • A student cannot take the test a 3rd time

  • If tested, the student will take the same test as prior year


Congratulations, Miss Kwan! Kaiser's Teacher of the Year!

Miss Kwan - Kaiser's Teacher of the Year!

Hugs by Brent Poppen Assembly

Aeries Parent Portal

Click here to access Aeries Parent Portal

Click for instructions on "how to":

Please note:

  • 3rd grade parents/guardians, if your child has transferred from Woodland, please use your existing account from last year.  If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "forgot password?" link.
  • Student Home Telephone Number may be your cell number.

Online Flyers

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Alkaline Battery Recycling Program Fundraiser- 2015/2016

Kaiser Elementary School is participating in the Costa Mesa Sanitary District's Alkaline Battery Recycling Program Fundraiser.  The school that collects the most batteries (in pounds) will receive $1,000.


We are collecting alkaline batteries only (N, AAAA, AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt).  There is a battery collection container on the counter in the School Office.  If you drop off 9 volt batteries, please place a piece of tape on the metal terminals before placing them in the collection container.


The last day to collect batteries is Friday, April 1, 2016.

Kaiser's Common Core Corner

School Events Calendar

Today: 11/29/15

Websites for Home Use

Reflex Math:  Click here for Reflex Math.  Each teacher has their own log-in and the student uses their student password.

Renaissance Learning ( Accelerated Math ):  Click here then use six-digit student ID and birthday for password. Also, you can check your student's AR progress at this site.

Typing Club:  https://nmusd.typingclub.com  Use six-digit student ID and birthday for password.

Lexia:  http://www.lexialearning.com - Use same username and password as they do at school.

SWUN Math: To use the Swun website at home, please go to www.swunmath.com. Click on Students. To practice math facts, select BTBF. To download Swun homework pages and watch videos, select Resources. You will be prompted to enter a Class Name.  Simply enter nmusd immediately followed by your child's grade level (example: nmusd3).

Student Login for Swun Math Video & Homework Access:   Click here for instructions.

State Test Training Test Sitehttp://caaspp.org/practice-and-training/index.html  On the "Please Sign In" page, click on "Sign In." NO ID number or other information is necessary.  On the "Is This You?" page, choose the grade level and select "yes."  On the "Your Tests" page, you will see 3 options for math and another 3 for language arts: Training Test, Practice Test, and Performance Task (see descriptions of these below). Choose the one you'd like to try, and off you go!