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Kaiser Elementary School

Newport-Mesa Unified School District

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    Principal's Message

    How Did Math Become So Stressful?

    Last week, I was talking to some of our teachers about math. This led to a conversation about stress! We know that students live in a 24/7 world filled with activities, social media, and all kinds of inputs that many of us didn’t have to manage as children. We also know that current math expectations are dramatically different than they were even five years ago. Parents look at homework and sometimes feel overwhelmed.

    We at Kaiser do not want our students to experience math (dis)tress. We want our students to experience success. We learn when our ideas change, when we become “unstuck.” This isn’t always easy and requires practice. Yet, we don’t want our families to become stressed out and have this leak onto kiddos who then worry about their abilities to do math. We are a team! Kaiser is strong because we all do our best. We recognize that there’s a balancing act happening here: the natural stress of learning balanced with the distress of absolute confusion and frustration.

    If your student is struggling with his or her homework, please jot a note on the assignment to let the teacher know. I recommend that you ask your student to show you what he or she CAN do so our teachers can get a sense of where the child is becoming confused. The benefit of attempting the problems is that we can figure out how to move forward.

    One of my close friends is an art teacher. She spends her days unraveling the idea that students have picked up that they are not and cannot become artists. By the time her students finish a year with her, they are confident and recognize that art takes many forms. It is my dream that no parent, teacher, or student will say, “I’m not a math person.” We’re on a journey together to make sure our students thrive in their lives. Math is a big part of this for all of us.

    If you have ideas we can share with our Kaiser community about overcoming math stress while promoting student effort, please pop me a quick email with what has worked for you! Here’s my email address:

    Happy Monday!



    Kaiser Elementary

    Kaiser knights C.A.R.E.!

    Kaiser Elementary School is the home of the Kaiser Knights – noble in thought, word, and deed. Our mission is to build a community of life-long learners who consistently demonstrate Common sense, Accountability, Respect, and that Everyone matters (C.A.R.E.). As a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (P.B.I.S.) Silver Level school, our students, staff, and families are united in providing Kaiser students with a foundation for success as students and young people in an ever-changing world.

    You will find that our expectations are high and that they are matched by our support in achieving them. It is our intention that when Kaiser students move up to intermediate and high school, they will be powerful thinkers with a strong knowledge base, skill set, sense of creativity, and commitment to community. In other words, Kaiser Knights are 21st century global citizens who C.A.R.E.! As we progress through the year, you can anticipate hearing and seeing more and more evidence of C.A.R.E. at Kaiser! When on campus, be sure to take a peek at our C.A.R.E. tree mural on the back of the library!