2015 - 2016 School Year - Back to School News and Dates!

School Office Summer Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:30 to 4:00, closed for lunch 11:30 to 12:30 pm.

School Office Phone:  949-515-6950

School Supply Lists:  Thank you to all the parents who are requesting school supply lists.  Donations are always welcome!  Click below for the grade level school supply lists.

Saturday, September 5: – Class assignments posted on SchoolLoop.

Tuesday, September 8 – First day of school.  School starts at 8:35 am.

More Back to School Information...

Kaiser Elementary School looks forward to welcoming its new and returning students to the 2015-2016 school year on Tuesday, September 8th. To help make the transition from summer and previous school experiences, we at Kaiser would like to share some logistics of the school day.

Breakfast: Our daily breakfast program begins at 8:10 am. Participating students will be directed to the campus entrance gate closest to the cafeteria. On warm, sunny days students eat breakfast and lunch in the large outdoor lunch area. When it turns cold and rainy, meals will be indoors.

Arrival Time and Traveling to Class: The school day begins at 8:35 am. We open the school gates at 8:20 am and ring a bell at 8:32 am, which lets students know that it is time to proceed to class. Between 8:10 and 8:32, students may eat breakfast and play in designated areas.

End of the School Day: On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the school day at Kaiser ends at 3:10 pm. On Wednesdays, the school day ends at 1:40 pm so teachers may participate in professional development and planning sessions.

Dropping off and Picking up from School: Because the Kaiser campus is so large, there are multiple entrances/exits available for student use in the morning and afternoon. Parents who drop off and pick up children from school are strongly encouraged to determine a consistent meeting place. Students are dismissed directly from their classrooms at the end of the school day so they may proceed to the most convenient exit. For those using the main entrance or the entrance nearest the 4th grade wing, you can support a smooth and safe drop off/pick up by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Enter the drop off/pick up area by creating a single line of vehicles alongside the campus buildings. Protect students from having to cross in front of other vehicles to come to you.

  2. Enter the drop off/pick up area by making a right turn into the driveway from Santa Ana. Left turns into the parking area create significant traffic blockages.

  3. If you need to exit your vehicle, park in a parking spot. Do not leave your vehicle while it is in line.

  4. When exiting the parking area, please proceed especially slowly and carefully.

First Week of School: Parents are welcome to accompany their students onto campus during the first week.  If you have a child in the breakfast program, you may sit with your child at the lunch area. If you arrive before the 8:32 bell, you can help show your youngster where the designated play/waiting area is (you’ll see the wide yellow lines separating the classroom areas from the play areas painted onto the blacktop). Then, when the readiness bell rings at 8:32, you are welcome to walk your child to his/her classroom door. Normally, we close and lock the gates as soon as the school day begins at 8:35 am to ensure student safety. At that time, anyone entering the campus must come through the school office. However, during the first week of school, we will keep the gates open for a few extra minutes to provide parents time to leave campus after dropping off their students. 

If you have any questions about school logistics, please be sure to contact the Kaiser Elementary School office at 949/515-6950.



Kaiser Elementary School is the home of the Kaiser Knights – noble in thought, word, and deed. Our mission is to build a “community of life-long learners.” In addition to our dedicated staff and bright students, Kaiser also is surrounded by a community of families that care deeply about the academic and life success of our students.

You will find that our expectations are high and that they are matched by our support in achieving them. It is our intention that when Kaiser students move up to intermediate and high school, they will be powerful thinkers with a strong knowledge base, skill set, sense of creativity, and commitment to community. In other words, Kaiser Knights are 21stcentury global citizens.


August 25, 2015

We’re Back!


Dear Kaiser Families!

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer! The office now is open and we are having a great time meeting new families as they enroll upcoming Kaiser Knights for the 2015-2016 school year. Our district’s summer academies (music, engineering, reading) recently ended, leaving plenty of time for students to head off to the beach and fun adventures before they return to school on Tuesday, September 8th.

While you are taking care of the endless summertime checklist, you may be planning to take your student for a physical exam. The Orange County Department of Education provided the information that follows about our state’s new vaccine law and requirements. Please read on if this might be helpful to you! In the meantime, remember your sunscreen!

From the Orange County Department of Education Newsroom: This summer, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new vaccine law, Senate Bill 277, which states that parents of students who attend public or private schools can no longer refuse to vaccinate their children based on a personal belief exemption. However, current vaccine laws that went into effect in 2014 are still in place for the 2015-16 school year. The first real impact of the new SB 277 law will be seen with students who are entering school in fall 2016.

What vaccines do students need to begin attending public school in fall 2015?
Children must be immunized against the following nine diseases: diphtheria, hepatitis B., measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis (polio), rubella, tetanus and varicella (chickenpox).

Are students required to have the flu vaccine?
While a child is not required to have the flu vaccine for school entry, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that most people ages 6 months and older receive an annual flu vaccine. Each year, 50 previously well U.S. children die from influenza and its complications.

Does a student entering seventh grade only need the pertussis vaccine?
New admissions to seventh grade should meet the immunization requirements for ages 7 to 17 years. In addition, entering seventh-graders will need one dose of Tdap or DTP/DTaP given on or after the seventh birthday, and two doses of MMR or any measles-containing vaccine — both doses given on or after the first birthday.

If a child starting first grade is up to date on vaccines, do they still need a physical exam?
Yes. The law requires that a health examination be completed up to 18 months before entry into first grade or within 90 days thereafter.

What about transitional kindergarten?
Transitional kindergarten entrants need to provide documentation of required kindergarten immunizations before admission.

If a child is in the process of having their required vaccinations completed, can they still enroll in school?
Yes. Children who are not currently due for any immunizations may be admitted on the condition that they will receive still-needed doses as they become due in the future.

If a parent has a personal belief exemption on file, will their child be allowed to go to school?
Personal belief exemptions submitted before Jan. 1, 2016 will remain valid until a pupil reaches kindergarten or seventh grade. At that time, children with a valid personal belief exemption filed before 2016 will have to meet all age-appropriate immunization requirements for admission into K-12, or be enrolled in an independent study program with no classroom-based instruction or a home-based private school, unless a new medical exemption is submitted to the school.

Is there a limit to how old a personal belief exemption form is?
A completed Personal Beliefs Exemption to Required Immunizations form signed and dated within six months of entry to school fulfills documentation requirements.

If a student has had chicken pox in the past do they need to get the varicella vaccine?
If a physician provides a written statement that a child has had varicella disease, then the child can be exempted from the varicella requirement. The signed statement must be presented at school registration.

OCDE focused on questions related to public school requirements. Additional information on current law, as well as SB 277, is available from the California Department of Public Health at Shots for School.

Kaiser School News

Nutrition Services Announcement - School Meal Information
School Meal Information

Welcome Back to the 2015/2016 School Year

Nutrition Services is excited and proud to be of service to all students, families and staff of Newport-Mesa Unified School District.  We are committed to providing healt... Continue
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Published: 8/28/15

You're Invited to the 2015 Annual State of the Schools Breakfast!
It is our pleasure to invite you to Newport-Mesa Unified's Second Annual State of the Schools Breakfast!

We hope that you will join us.  Please click here to RSVP and register with your $32 donation to attend the event.  Seating i... Continue
Posted by: Matthew Jennings
Published: 8/27/15

N-MUSD Fee-Based Preschool Sites are now enrolling for the 2015-2016 school year!
N-MUSD offers high quality fee-based preschool to families who reside inside and outside the Newport-Mesa Unified School District attendance zone.  Our Fee-based preschool programs are available at the following elementary school sites.

Da... Continue
Posted by: Tammy White
Published: 7/23/15

N-MUSD State Preschool Enrollment Packets are available for the 2015-2016 school year!
N-MUSD State Preschool enrollment packets are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the BESST Center.  Click here for more information.

Posted by: Tammy White
Published: 7/23/15

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Websites for Home Use

State Test Training Test Sitehttp://caaspp.org/practice-and-training/index.html  On the "Please Sign In" page, click on "Sign In." NO ID number or other information is necessary.  On the "Is This You?" page, choose the grade level and select "yes."  On the "Your Tests" page, you will see 3 options for math and another 3 for language arts: Training Test, Practice Test, and Performance Task (see descriptions of these below). Choose the one you'd like to try, and off you go!

Renaissance Learning ( Accelerated Math ):  Click here then use six-digit student ID and birthday for password. Also, you can check your student's AR progress at this site.

Typing Club:  https://nmusd.typingclub.com  Use six-digit student ID and birthday for password.

Lexia:  http://www.lexialearning.com - Use same username and password as they do at school.

SWUN Math: To use the Swun website at home, please go to www.swunmath.com. Click on Students. To practice math facts, select BTBF. To download Swun homework pages and watch videos, select Resources. You will be prompted to enter a Class Name.  Simply enter nmusd immediately followed by your child's grade level (example: nmusd3).